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original, classic, and sacred music

Avast Shipmates!   

Songs and Music from the text of Moby Dick; an oratorio for solo voice and  bass, is up and  running!  Two of the songs from this 43 minute work can  be heard in my latest video, on the  video page.  It has been  a true joy for me to  select my very favorite thoughts from Herman Melville and  set them to music.  Moby Dick is truly  our  best American Classic and  well worth reading.  Please contact me to book a voyage into the deep blue  sea, and the  mind of Captain Ahab.

 xxxxxxx AC

PS original hymns as  well as traditional hymns and sacred music are big in the mix.  Lets make music to  uplift!


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t r u e to be relelased on February 6th

I'm really  excited to  release my first full length album! I wrote, performed and recorded all the music so it really is  'true'  Hope  you like it.  xoxoxo