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AC Haley
AC Haley
AC Haley
AC Haley


I love  the latest fashion that is  shown
and most of it  I’d really like  to own
I promise I’d adore  it,
If I could  just  afford  it,
I’ve got the  beauty queen blues

I put  the  finest  cream upon  my face
the bottle says the  time it will erase
and  yes, I  do  believe it
else there’d be no  leavin’
my  house to go  out

I’ve got  the beauty queen  blues
I’d  like whatever I choose
Perfection is my taste
but  don’t  let it scare ya,
I can do  a whole lot
for  under  a dollar

Puff, paint, polish, fluff,  spray
and  tease
hold  your face nice
in case it freeze
Vogue is like  a bible
Bergdorf’s like  a church
I  worship every day
I hope it don’t  get worse!

AC Haley
AC Haley


I’m  a fool  for thinking
that you’re the same  as me
I’m  a fool for  hoping
that  you could  set me free
I’m a fool  for  believin’  
in  things  outside of  me
I’m a fool
for cryin’

I’m a fool  for stayin’
in the same damn place
I’m a fool who wants different
from the  same  damn  thing
I’m a fool for  tradin’
my soul for  my  body
I’m a fool

People say, “Take it  easy”,
and I know  just  what they mean,  
cuz I’m a fool

AC Haley
AC Haley


If I  were a food
I’d  be candy
If I were  a drink,
And I’d  love  to  be
three wishes
to grant you again and  again

If  I were a day
I’d  be sunny
If I were a walk
I’d be  slow
If I were a dress
I’d  be  satin
and  set your heart aglow

I’d  love to  be a diamond
or a bubble
or a song, the one you sing
when your heart is light
That would  be  my  perfect dream
my  perfect dream tonight

If I were a food
I’d be candy
If I were a month
I’d  be June
I’d  do anything just to  please you
and  keep our  love in tune

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I'm really  excited to  release my first full length album! I wrote, performed and recorded all the music so it really is  'true'  Hope  you like it.  xoxoxo